Story & History


Our President & Founder established this firm after 25 years working with fortune 500 companies. His vision was to create a firm dedicated to those who are passionate and true artisans solving technology challenges. Thus Engaged Innovation was born, we are a boutique consulting firm, nimble, yet scalable to deliver significant value while retaining an artisan approach..

Goal & Mission


Our goal, create a technology consulting firm focused on delivering high-quality solutions with a more personal touch and empathy for the clients situation. Our mission is simple, solve business challenges using technology to create competitive advantages and long-term successes for our clients..

Target & Success


We work with companies and projects of all sizes, we measure and reward our consultants based on the success and results obtained for you, and not the size of the deal. Incentivizing our consultants on your success and not merely the sale of products or services, significantly increases the quality and value delivered.

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We are a boutique consulting firm who gets to know our clients, we build personal neighbor to neighbor relationships with them, while maximizing their success through the use of technology. Sound like something you would be interested in? Want to become a trusted advisor and part of our EI family?

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Our Services

While we have expertise in many areas we focus mainly on providing the following services to our clients

Automation Center of Excellence (CoE)

Utilizing cutting-edge tools and practices we are able to efficiently identify and implement automation solutions to reduce manual repetitive tasks in your business operations

Technology Strategies

Engaging expertise early in the formulation of a solid stratagy is essential in achieveing the intended return on investment

Product Management

Effective product management is critical, especially early on in the lifecycle, our team is well versed in managing products using variety of different methodologies

Bots As A Service (BAAS)

Our unique offering of subscription based bots provide business of all sizes a way to significantly reduce the upfront capital barriers typically associated with automation

Quality Assurance (CoE)

Technology quality assurance is a critical element in protecting a companies reputation with it's customers, our center of excellence can provide QA for projects of all sizes, discovering defects well before they reach the customers, increasing confidence, and reducing stress

Lien Tracking

Our SAAS based lien tracking software, NuLien provides highly effective tracking as well as automation of manual tasks associated with the care and feeding of the assets

Our Work Process

We partner with you to identify and implement solutions using a simple 4 step process


Listen & Observe

Connecting with our clients and listening to their challenges and objectives is not only the right thing to do, it enables us to correctly correlate all possible solutions

Recommendation & Plan

Providing options and clarifying the benefits of each ensures the selected plan remains aligned with the overall strategy and desired results

Execute & Monitor (optional)

Many of our clients opt to execute our strategies on their own, with our guidance and oversight via a simple retainer, we highly encourage this as it elevates the internal teams confidence, promotes cultural adoption, and aides in sustaining the long-term benefits. If there are internal resource constraints and/or speed to market concerns, we are fully equipped to complete execution and monitoring phase.

Iterate & Advise

The most effective organizations consistently iterate on achieving their strategic technology goals, it is no longer a nice to have, it's a must have. We partner with you to provide independent and non-biased thought leadership to capitalize on technology advancements


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